Digital Pricing
Is Here.

Enter the new and exciting 

world of digital pricing. 

The Digital Dealership

The digital dealership is just at the beginning. Digital pricing is a crucial part of this game-changing process. Leading consulting companies forecast that digitization will change the business world dramatically within 10 years. Successful businesses already use digital approaches to develop their physical business models and this way they manage to create a constant profitable growth for the following years to come.

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Innovation. Quality.

Some products spontaneously inspire and amaze. This is our passion. We believe in simple, high-quality products that are developed to perfection. We believe in products that are inspired by design and quality, with new ideas and solutions as well as unexpected surprises. This is VISI/ONE’s mission: Products that continue to change our customers’ world with success.


According to our definition, a product is only regarded as innovative once it has successfully proven its value to our customers in practice. To accomplish this, it must offer new solutions and improve upon existing marketing concepts through its possibilities.


We believe in uncompromising, long-lasting quality, perfection to the last detail. Design also plays an important role in this process. But the most important factor is the functionality, as we believe that the user must enjoy using the product for day-to-day applications, otherwise it has not fulfilled its purpose.


To us, excellent service means that our customers can rely on us and our experience for any processes. When we succeed in exceeding our customers’ expectations by means of attention to small details, then we believe that we have achieved our goal.

To Our Products

POS material couldn´t get any easier…

“Working now for over three years in BMW one of my oldest co-operation company with no doubt is Visi-One GmbH. POS material couldn´t get any easier to order. Everything is working perfectly towards to customer and never have I seen a missed order. And on top of this precise logistics the customer service is one of a kind. You cannot help the feeling that you feel you´re self really special customer, in B2B world people are usually forgetting this. We all are customers after all. And thank you Visi-One for this.”
Jussi Sutinen
Used Vehicle Business Development Manager, BMW Finland

VISI/sales – top sales through Neuromarketing

VISI/sales is not just a new product variant for displaying prices inside the vehicle. VISI/sales displays are marketing banners that are placed inside vehicles and provide a completely new form of communication to customers in the showroom. You are investing in the VISI/sales banners for your sales operations – and there is no other way to make your marketing messages more secure, faster, more effective and more economical in every vehicle!