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Our mission & vision

VISI/ONE was founded through a single project in 1998: The VISI/ONE adhesive banner. How is it possible to build up an entire company with just one product? What has driven us to invest almost three years of development, a great deal of money and even more passion into this product? It was the spontaneous enthusiasm and inspiration that this product gave us from the very beginning: For us – and for all those with whom we have shared our vision of the incredibly wide range of possibilities made possible by this product. And so it has remained until today. We believe in simple, high-quality products that are developed to perfection. We believe in products that are inspired by design and quality, with new ideas and solutions as well as unexpected surprises. This is our passion and this is the mission of VISI/ONE: Products that successfully change the world of our customers step by step.

Our history

How does one think of an idea like this? We are always asked this question when presenting our company. Perhaps you know: one remembers, after a long time, how something started, looks back – and suddenly in retrospect, seemingly unrelated events connect to form a logical sequence. Steve Jobs aptly called this process “connecting the dots” in his famous speech at Stanford University in 2005. It is similar for us today when we look back to the beginning.

Between idealism and innovation

It began in 1988 with a thesis on the subject of “Brain Research and the Effects on Learning” at the Music College in Cologne, with passion for literature, German philology and philosophy at the University of Munster and a huge idealistic capacity for innovative ideas that change the world. This was the beginning of our first business idea, a book and media bulletins on the topic of holistic teaching and learning. We were living and working in an apartment in a prestigious house from the founding era, which is why the name “villa bossaNova” seemed suitable to us. A few years later, our first own product, the “Grips-Lernspielmaterial”, came into existence.

A simple basic principle inspired us and our customers

This product was already once again reflecting what was repeated a few years later in the development of the VISI/ONE adhesive banner: The basic principle was very simple; it won thanks to its design and quality – and it has inspired not only us, but above all, our customers to new ideas. Thus, some time later, at the commission of the Herrmann International Germany Institute, we developed a product solution for the game “Diversity”, with which the various characteristics of the thinking methods and preferences of a team were supposed to be determined and ultimately presented on the wall. That was the beginning of our experiments with the task assignment “Sticking without Glue” and the implementation of an adhesive banner was a part of the solution. The first utility model was submitted and additional patents and property rights that were partly to be required by the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (Fraunhofer Society), the patent office for German research, were to follow.

VISI/pocket – a success story

Since then, the theme of “Sticking without Glue” has been with us and has inspired us and our clients to more and more new ideas. The following became clear to us very quickly: We thought that we would be developing products, but in actual fact there were the marketing ideas, that convinced and amazed, behind the products. The best example of this is our 1997 to 1998 Hafttasche VISI/pocket developed for price display inside the vehicle. Today over 10 million units have been sold as a worldwide standard and an indispensable part of offers in vehicle showrooms around the world.


With the advent of the VISI/pocket, it was possible, for the first time, in conjunction with indispensable use for the car dealers, to make the price display and the brand easily visible and conspicuous inside the vehicle in a cost-effective way and without compromise. In particular for the automotive banks, completely new ways to make their products and services easily visible and conspicuous and communicate relevant information to their customers directly were made possible. The VISI/pocket was thus no longer merely a functional system for the display of prices like most of the previous price display systems, but, much more significantly, a medium for the communication of the brand and its brand message inside the vehicle.

Success through specialization

The product VISI/pocket was also the reason why, very soon after the creation of the VISI/ONE, we decided to discontinue consideration of the overwhelming variety of possibilities of the VISI/ONE adhesive banner and decided to focus completely on the development of this product, the target group being automotive brands and the main application being price display for vehicles. Since then, many new product ideas for our customers have come into existence, all of which were based on the VISI/ONE adhesive banner and the basic idea of “Sticking without Glue”.

The next challenge

2006 was followed by a new, successful base-product for the price display of premium vehicles – the VISI/display. In 2013, this product was the basis for the next milestone in the development of VISI/ONE: The development of the VISI/sales display series and of the Neuro CarSales concept. The task that led to this development was, as always, very simple in principle: The marketing banner of the existing price display was no longer enough, the products had to be bigger.

How a small change results in a completely different effect

After we had solved the issues regarding the development of a new base material for the VISI/display and had overcome the challenge of making it “bigger” and the foundation for the VISI/sales had been laid, it very quickly became clear that: We had to take advantage of it in more ways and we had the opportunity to develop completely new marketing opportunities that no one else has thought of. We were experimenting with entirely new design ideas that, for the first time, brought image themes and price displays behind windshields together: The effect was: “Wow”! It seemed to us that, compared with what we had previously made, the total vehicle presentation had suddenly been brought to life in another way.

Everything is a question of addressing the brain in the correct way

But why is this? Why was the overall effect of the vehicle, by means of simply using images, so incomparably different that one could no longer just say “That looks nicer.”? At this point we were reminded of the early days: we were surprised at our findings during the founding of the “villa bossaNova” on the topic of how to accomplish totally different learning results through the correct approach of communicating directly to the brain in both children as well as, especially, adults.

“Connecting the dots” or the “Neuro CarSales” marketing concept

It soon became very clear that: Here too we were concerned with a different method of addressing the brain. This is why the effect was fundamentally different. We did not have to search for too long before we found a way to connect the results we had obtained from the “villa bossaNova” research to that which we were doing now. “Neuromarketing” was the keyword. From then on, the details naturally formed a picture – and the Neuro CarSales concept was born.

The unexpected application

In 1995, when we started with the development of our VISI/ONE adhesive banner with the aim of creating something that “must stick without glue, must be dimensionally stable, printable and heat resistant”, we thought we would be creating a product. We were wrong. It was always only about communication and marketing, then as now.

We wish to thank our customers for over 15 years of inspiring cooperation and the enthusiasm for new, innovative, sometimes perhaps even crazy ideas. It is they who encouraged us again and again not to get stuck and to find new solutions again and again.

Our success is when those who give us hope are successful. We will also continue to work passionately to ensure that they are successful with our products. Thank you for joining us on this journey.


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Our Team & and Culture

VISI/ONE is our team. That is why for us, our enthusiasm and the passion for innovative ideas is even more importantly than our experience. That which drives us is easily formulated: “We want the best solution for our customers”. This is not just a statement. This focus sometimes also means that we sacrifice the prospect of quick sales and invest time and money to seek out new avenues with our customers. Because we believe in the value of sustainable and reliable customer relations. Putting our customers first determines our product quality and our service. Exceeding the expectations of our customers is what satisfies us.

Our Clients


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