Digital Pricing
Is Here.

Enter the new and exciting 

world of digital pricing. 

The digital revolution.

Printing out a new price sheet, looking for the right key, walking to the car, looking for the car, swapping the price sheet. With CSI Pricing, this entire process is a thing of the past. Instead you can now change all prices immediately from your desk. Fully automatic. In a matter of seconds. In all vehicles. Across locations.


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Progress has never been so tangible. Every day.

Imagine what using CSI Pricing for daily processes in your car dealership would mean for you. Don’t just think about the time and money. What data would you receive or be able to use in a completely different way? What completely new kinds of price strategies could you implement? What innovative marketing ideas could you develop? What current problems in Controlling could you solve? What improvements in your daily workflows would your team appreciate?

Your customers are high speed. How about you?

60% to 80% of all customers research online using their mobile phones while they are looking at vehicles in your dealership. More than 90% of all customers agree that it is a question of trust that the prices online agree with the prices in the vehicle.


Prices change, as always. Everything else like never before.

CSI Pricing integrates seamlessly into your existing vehicle management. You do not need to change anything about your existing processes.


Incredibly simple. Incredibly fast.

New vehicles shall be registered in the system in seconds with the mobile CSI Pricing App. Simply scan the VIN Barcode on the data sheet and in the CSI display - done. As soon as the data has been collected and released in your connected vehicle management, it shall be displayed and updated automatically in the CSI Display.

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The Thing is not really the Thing.

CSI Pricing is more than updating prices in the vehicle via wireless. CSI Pricing is based on the most modern, fastest and most secure IoT and Cloud technologies in the world. CSI Pricing is the uncompromising vision of a digital revolution in car dealerships using the Internet of Things.


Completely familiar. Entirely revolutionary.

CSI Pricing is the key to experiencing digital pricing. The Cloud-based software can be run anywhere from all devices which have internet access. With the CSI Pricing App, you control the price communication of your entire vehicle stock in your pocket.


Digital Pricing is unstoppable.

Digital Pricing is unstoppable. It will sustainably and irrevocably change many car dealership processes in the coming years. 80% of the dealers we asked already believe that Digital Pricing will generate a competitive advantage for them in the future. So start an exciting journey today into the digital transformation of car dealerships using the Internet of Things with CSI Pricing together with your brand and the best and most advanced companies in the world.


  • Cloud-based software, available everywhere on any device connected to the internet
  • Mobile App with QR code scanner and VIN Barcode scanner
  • See current price communications + update prices using a smartphone
  • Central management of all vehicles across locations.
  • Wireless network across locations for vehicle roaming
  • Seamless integration into existing vehicle management
  • Automatic updates when changing the data in the leading system
  • Temperature-controlled price updates in case of extreme temperatures
  • Generation of vehicle data sheets in PDF format
  • Prepared PDF templates according to brand CI
  • Prepared templates CSI display according to brand CI
  • QR code with double function to scan the vehicle + vehicle info for customers
  • System infrastructure configuration and management
  • Monitoring connection, update status, wireless quality, battery status
  • Price and information database
  • Constant further development of the hard- and software + regular updates