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Working at VISI/ONE
We are different, and proudly so! We work differently, too. We have it all: A start-up’s mentality and agility plus the maturity that comes from having been the market leader for more than 20 years.
Within our teams, we are truly allergic to "corporate style" political behavior. We are solutioneers! We plan, act, reflect, and improve. Constantly. We dare to experiment, and we will do whatever it takes, wherever we are. We move fast and adapt quickly. We love to learn, and we love to grow together with a team of kindred spirits.
This way of working does not suit everyone. Does it suit you?
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Our Customers
The Team: Our team is highly dynamic. We are more than 40 ambitious, curious people from over 10 different countries, and we are working on great products that will help automotive retailers to boost car sales.
The Culture:
Our culture is our edge. We join agility and experience together; we are free to experiment and to move fast, but our common global purpose will always keep us on track.
The Impact:
Our work makes a real impact. Our trading platforms are used by more than 300 million people every month, thus reducing the global ecological footprint and creating prosperity in over 40 countries.
The Vision: We make car sales better. We set high market standards. We constantly improve how brick and mortar automotive retailers sell cars, thanks to our easy-to-use, reliable, and highly integrated pricing products. For car brands. For dealerships. And for car buyers.
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Our Core Values
1. We help each other grow: We love to learn and we love to grow. We love to share and to inspire others. Being an innovator requires a willingness to take risks and enjoy experimenting. That's why we encourage each other to break new ground. Whenever we fail, we collectively reflect on the root causes, take pride in what we have learned on the way and facilitate our experience to improve our decision making next time.

2. We are highly methodical: Plan. Execute. Reflect. Improve. Permanent Beta is part of our mind set. We act data driven, maintain high standards in how we achieve our results, and leave some space for creative play.

3. We focus on result: What we do matters. Our customers rely on our products worldwide, everyday. If what we do doesn't help our customers, or our team, it's probably the wrong action and a waste of time. There are thousands of things that could be done everyday. That is why we always concentrate on using our time to achieve the highest possible effect. In the end, it is the result that counts.

4. We are humble: Humility has nothing to do with a lack of self-confidence. On the contrary, humble people are characterised by self-confidence and the ability to criticise themselves. As a team they tend to share success when things are going well and to take responsibility when things are going not so well. They are convinced that what is good for the team is good for them. Not the other way around.

5. We take ownership: Each of us makes decisions to fulfill his tasks and goals on a daily basis. We commit to hold each others accountable to our word, commitments and objectives we have taken over. We work hard to be a company where everyone feels a sense of responsibility for doing the right thing to help the company at every juncture.

6. Use good judgement: We do not need a huge set of rules to avoid mistakes and to make good decisions. Instead, we have trust in ourselves, in our common sense and in our moral compass. In case of doubt, we put the team above ourselves and make our decisions in the best interest of the company. We try to protect us from major failures, not from every eventuality.
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