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The classic: Our VISI/pocket Easily installed, brilliantly simple handling


First-class product quality, extreme heat resistance and the capacity for years of reuse, combined with remarkably simple, elegant handling, are the basis for the extraordinary success of our VISI/pocket.


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VISI/pocket Branding

Worldwide standard with over 10 million units sold

Simple handling

Insert sheet, rub on behind the window pane – and remove within seconds. The VISI/pocket can easily be used again and again without any problems, for example before and after a road test.

Flexible installation

The VISI/pocket also sticks easily to glass and can thus also be installed just as effectively on the side windowpanes and even on the display window. It is always easy to read – even with fogged windows.

Perfect design

The technical possibilities for design of the VISI/pocket according to your Cl-requirements range from brilliant color display to high-resolution photo display. We are willing to provide advice on how to accomplish optimal results.


VISI/pocket Quick-Insert

VISI/pocket Sales Sign

VISI/pocket Promotion

The first price display that you can customize yourself.

Flexible design

The VISI/pocket Promotion is designed by simply substituting a simple insert sheet made of paper. You can print the insert yourself or have it printed. By means of this basic principle, you can implement entirely new marketing ideas.

Marketing without limits

Customize your VISI/pocket Promotion with your own branding, for example your car dealership’s logo. Or use the surface to display a QR-code. You can also use it to categorize your vehicles according to “new cars”, etc.

Promotions inside the vehicle

The VISI/pocket Promotion brings current promotions into every vehicle. These can be promotions of your brand or current promotions from your After Sales Department, workshop services work or seasonal promotions such as tire changes or winter inspections.

VISI/pocket Promotion

VISI/pocket Sales Sign Promotion

A clear and bold header

VISI/pocket Basic

Availability depends on stock.

Open top

The VISI/pocket Basic “open-top” is available as a transparent unit from A3 to A5 sizes and is also available in four other colors in A4 size. The main area of application is on the inside of the car behind the windscreen, where price banners are usually placed. The sheet is enclosed and this version can also be used on both sides if necessary.

Open side

The VISI/pocket Basic “open side” is available as a transparent unit from A1 to A6 sizes and is also available in 4 other colors in A3 to A4 sizes. It is suitable for use on vertical surfaces such as display windows. The insert can be quickly exchanged by means of the double-sided opening. This version can also be used on both sides.


The VISI/pocket Basic “Quick-Insert” is available as a transparent unit or in four other colors in A4 size. The installation area is inside the vehicle behind the front windshield. The insert slot on the back facilitates the insertion of the insert sheet. This version cannot be used on both sides.

VISI/pocket Basic open top

VISI/pocket Basic open side

VISI/pocket Basic Quick-Insert