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Our new star: VISI/sales
Top sales through Neuromarketing. The first emotional price display method.


All previous price display systems were primarily designed with the objective in mind of communicating a maximum amount of information with a minimum usage of space. However, Neuromarketing has shown us that: Customers buy emotions. Each purchase decision is made at the emotional level first – and then rational justification follows.

VISI/sales is the world’s first medium for vehicle price display that is “targeted at the brain”.
It offers all the possibilities, with the aid of emotional image themes, to address the “decision-maker” in the customer directly and to thus target his actual needs and personal aims.

Communication without words that promotes the sale of your vehicles actively and efficiently.

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VISI/sales Focusdisplay

Innovative display with maximum design possibilities.

Modern design

The VISI/sales Focusdisplay offers a completely new format that makes one think of modern web design inside the vehicle. That is why it leaves behind a particularly fresh and innovative impression.

A lot of space for marketing

The extensive area of the VISI/sales Fokusdisplay and the long portrait mode offer almost unlimited design possibilities for the different marketing ideas and concepts.

Perfect integration

The VISI/sales Fokusdisplay integrates perfectly with the appearance of the vehicle, since, despite its format, the view of the interior of the vehicle is not obstructed.

VISI/sales Focusdisplay

VISI/sales Infodisplay

Perfect for all large and small vehicle types.

Maximum compatibility

The VISI/sales Infodisplay was conceived in such a way that it can be optimally used on all vehicle types. It is available in many different designs and sizes.

For two inserts

The VISI/sales Infodisplay is optimal when, for example, two inserts for price display and carbon specifications need to be combined side by side on one display.

Creative entry-level model

The VISI/sales Infodisplay also already offers many completely new possibilities for creative marketing concepts in small formats. It is thus the ideal entry-level model.

VISI/sales Infodisplay

VISI/sales Powerdisplay

You probably think that this display is too large, right? Feel free to test it – you will be surprised!

Visible from a distance

The VISI/sales Powerdisplay is ideally suited to communicating information relating to special or current offers from a distance on small numbers of selected vehicles.


The large presentation surface of the VISI/sales power displays brings your advertising themes into every vehicle in an impressive and conspicuous way. That has never been possible before!

Can be combined

The VISI/sales power display can be ideally combined with all VISI/sales displays. Only few displays are able to make all vehicles look this impressive.

VISI/sales Powerdisplay

VISI/sales Pocketdisplay

The long-lasting, high-quality alternative for premium vehicles.


The base of the VISI/sales Pocketdisplay is, as in the case of all VISI/sales products, a high-quality aluminum plate. It is therefore absolutely heat-resistant in all sizes, meaning that even display variants with two insert sheets can be easily implemented.


The VISI/sales Pocketdisplay is more economic as a low-cost display alternative in the middle- and long-term, despite its higher initial investment, because in the event of a Cl-exchange, only the removable VISI/sales display bag is replaced.

Flexible installation

The base plate of the VISI/sales Pocketdisplay can be used as an alternative if necessary, not only for price display, but also for the current promotional advertising themes. For example, additional after-sales products or current workshop offerings.

VISI/sales Pocketdisplay Branding

VISI/sales Pocketdisplay Promotion