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The digital revolution.

Print out a new price sheet, find the right key, walk to the car in all weathers, search for the car. With CSI Display®, this entire process is a thing of the past. Instead, you can now change all prices at your desk.

Fully automatic. In all vehicles.

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More flexibility. More profitability.

With CSI Display® you can adjust your prices flexibly and quickly to the current market price situation. Increase your margin by optimizing your prices not only downwards, but also upwards in line with supply and demand. Reduce your inventory age by adjusting prices in good time and thus avoid rising operating costs. Increase your stock turnover through shorter downtimes and increase your profit.
Innovation 2018

Inspiring technology.

The new CSI Display® is the world's first E-Paper (ESL) display with Cloud-to-Display technology. The combination of innovative mobile communications and cloud technology means you no longer need any infrastructure at your location. No cables, no servers, no access points. Incalculable project start-up costs for the installation of radio or Wi-Fi coverage on site are a thing of the past. Each display has its own IoT module and Internet. This means you can use your digital displays anywhere in and outside your locations and access them from anywhere in the world via the cloud.

IoT Mobile Technology

Innovative. Trend-setting.

Cloud-to-Display, the new display generation from CSI Display® is based on the new, innovative mobile communications standard for the Internet of Things. This standard was specially designed for communication from machine to machine. It differs above all through minimal energy consumption and a network coverage without dead spots deep in buildings. The technology uses existing networks while at the same time enables cost-effective networking of many devices due to low volume data packets. This combination makes it the ideal, forward-looking technology standard for digital vehicle pricing.

Innovation 2018

GPS tracking.

The new CSI Display® is the world's first e-paper display with a built-in GPS module. This enables you to locate your vehicles with an accuracy of approx. 5-10 m. The time-consuming search for vehicles is a thing of the past, especially when vehicles are moved from one location to another. The location data is transmitted to the CSI platform over cellular via the cloud. From there they can be seamlessly integrated into the software solutions of your current system landscape and, for example, direct your sales staff and customers to the vehicle.

CSI Cloud-to-Display

Seamless, fully automatic.

CSI Display® can be seamlessly and flexibly connected to any data source of your existing software landscape. Subsequently, simply carry out price changes as before in the existing system. All data is transmitted fully automatic around the clock, updated and transmitted to the digital price tags within a few minutes.

CSI Cloud-to-Display

More data sources. More digitization.

CSI Display's® innovative cloud-based software technology allows you to merge data from a variety of sources and display it on digital displays. The individually suited template can be assigned to each display. This enables CSI Display® to support all digital processes in your car dealership independently and across all software.

CSI Cloud-to-Display

Fully automatic. Simple.

Local hardware, local databases and locally installed software require individual installations and maintenance per site for digital pricing. Cloud-to-Display software technology offers unlimited scalability across locations by eliminating any local IT infrastructure, maintenance and support. Updates are made available at any time fully automatic, across locations and without downtime. This avoids additional complexity in your IT and saves you time and money in the long term.

CSI Cloud-to-Display

Future-proof in the cloud.

With Cloud-to-Display VISI/ONE has developed the world's first cloud-based technology for digital price labelling. This enables us to quickly and easily integrate any software innovation, both from us and our partners, into your existing system and roll it out to you fully automatic and in the shortest possible time via the cloud. For you, this means that you can always use the latest and best software technology to support your digital processes.

"Digitalization is inconceivable without the cloud."

Study Experton Group 2016

CSI Cloud-to-Display

High data protection. Fail-safe.

CSI Display® is built on Salesforce's world-leading cloud technology and hosted in high-security certified data centers by Deutsche Telekom in Frankfurt. The technology guarantees high data protection and application security through physical protection, data encryption and user authentication. Disaster recovery plans for the hosting platform and standard database backups guarantee 98.4% system stability. Certification according to ISO 27001 + SOC.

CSI Price Board

Premium Customer Experience.

CSI Display® stands for the perfect premium customer experience on the vehicle down to the last detail. The base plate made of high-quality, lightweight aluminium composite is absolutely temperature-resistant and remains dimensionally stable even at extreme temperatures. CSI Display® can be produced in all printing processes from screen printing to UV offset and digital printing. This means that we can also implement sophisticated designs according to the CI specifications of your brand in the highest possible quality without any restrictions.

CSI Flexible Frame

Design in the CI of your brand. Guaranteed.

CSI Display's® unique product concept enables a quick and cost-effective design change. Simply remove the frame and put on the new frame. For flexible, efficient use in multi-brand trading. For an inexpensive and quick exchange when changing your brand's CI. We only supply you with frames in the currently approved design of your brand, which we develop in close cooperation with the specialist department.

CSI Flexible Sticker

Individual. Flexible.

With CSI Display®, you don't have to do without the perfect design of your digital pricing in any vehicle. For your individual design ideas, for example in the CI of your car dealership, we offer you maximum design possibilities through the combination of adhesive frames and individual stickers. This allows you to update the design of any CSI Display® quickly and cost-effectively by simply replacing the stickers and combine it perfectly with your CSI Displays® in brand design.

CSI Display®


All digital price tags are based on E-Ink's patented E-Paper technology. The outstanding feature of E-Paper is its extremely low energy consumption. Depending on daily processes and environmental conditions, battery life of up to five years is possible.

CSI Display®

Especially for outdoor use.

E-Paper Displays were originally developed for indoor use in supermarkets, retail chains or petrol stations. This is why we have further developed the housing of the CSI display for outdoor use in vehicles to meet additional requirements such as long-term temperature and UV resistance behind the windscreen. CSI Display® is only available in a special UV-resistant, 2-colour version. When installed in the CSI Display®, we ensure that no battery or display damage can occur due to heat or cold accumulation, even at extreme temperatures.

CSI Display®

With display protection.

Due to the physical limitations of E-Paper technology, ESL displays may only be updated within certain temperature limits in order to avoid permanent display damage at extreme temperatures. CSI Display® therefore controls the image updates on the digital price labels via an additional temperature sensor in the display.

temperature range
CSI Integration Partner

Innovative. Open.

CSI Display® is the world's first open technology platform for software partners for digital vehicle pricing. We not only seamlessly integrate any software of your existing software landscape, but are also prepared to provide you with further technology innovations for digital price tags in vehicles quickly and easily in the future via our partner network. This way we can guarantee that you can always use the latest and best software technology to support your digital processes.