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Perfect look: The VISI/display
Installed on the front and side windows


The VISI/display is ideal for anyone that is looking for an inexpensive entry-level model for an optimal display solution.

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The VISI/display can be easily implemented with sizes up to A4 under both high and low temperatures. With larger sizes, we recommend our VISI/sales display series for use behind the windscreen.

Perfect design

The technical design possibilities for the VISI/displays, according to your Cl-requirements, range from brilliant color display to high-resolution photo display from screen printing to silkscreen printing and offset printing.

Quick and easy

Flip open, insert sheet, close, insert behind the windscreen or side window – done! The VISI/display is ideal for high vehicle inventories where much is exchanged.

VISI/display Type 2

The VISI/display Type 2 was specially designed for the increased requirements in terms of heat resistance behind the windscreen. It consists of a transparent base plate and a raised display bag that is securely closed.

VISI/display Typ 2

VISI/display Frame F

The VISI/display Type 4 is the economical solution for a display solution inside the vehicle. It consists of a transparent baseplate and a heat-resistant covering layer, which is easy to flip open. It can be used on the front and side windows.

VISI/display Frame F