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Our product range consists of high-value products that convince through their design and quality, and surprise with new marketing ideas and unexpected surprises.

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First-class product quality, extreme heat resistance and the capacity for years of reuse combined with remarkably simple, elegant handling are the basis for the extraordinary success of our adheasive VISI/pocket.

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The handling of the VISI/frame is especially easy: flip open, insert sheet, flip closed, stick to the window glass by rubbing on – done! The VISI/frame can be stuck to the side windows inside the vehicle or other vertical surfaces, for example a store window. It is particularly suitable for large poster formats.

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Many types of decals and stickers are not used in the industry or are only used reluctantly because the removal of such stickers later is usually disproportionately expensive. VISI/stickers are different. They adhere without glue and can also be completely removed without leaving any residue at all, even after a long time.

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The VISI/display is ideal for anyone that is looking for an inexpensive entry-level model for an optimal display solution. It is available in two different versions. The VISI/display can be used under both high-temperature as well as low-temperature conditions.

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All previous price display systems were primarily designed with the objective in mind of communicating a maximum amount of information with a minimum usage of space. However, Neuromarketing has shown us that: customers buy emotions. VISI/sales is the world’s first marketing banner inside the vehicle that combines price display with emotionalizing images.

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The VISI/pad product line was conceived by us to be able to accomplish both current offers on the dealer’s desk or reception desks and also to communicate information to the retailer effectively. All VISI/pad products are equipped with one or more slots or pockets so that they can be supplied with paper inserts again and again in a flexible way.

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